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Industrial Systems & Engineering

ISE’s Graduate program is ranked #7 in the nation

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While the I&SE degree provides a business-spin on engineering, simultaneous students will dig deeper into the business disciplines to develop the foundation that many engineers discover can elevate their careers. Whether you wish to enhance your skills in manufacturing systems, ergonomics, or distribution, the MBA + MS degrees can help you achieve your goals.

Partner Department: College of Engineering, Grado Department of industrial and Systems Engineering

Potential Careers: ergonomics, manufacturing systems, distribution, management systems, production systems, operations research, and human factors engineering.

The MBA/MS ISE Simultaneous Degree Program requires a total of 60 credits over two years.  This is a non-thesis-based program; however, ISE requires a final paper. No GTA, TA, research, or assistantship is required, yet could be available per student's request and qualifications.

Sample Curriculum

Fall – Year 1 – 16 total credits

ACIS 5104 Fundamentals of Accounting

FIN 5024 Principles of Finance

BIT 5724 Managerial Statistics

MGT 5834 Ethical Dimensions of Leadership

ISE 5405 Optimization

MGT 5404 Career Planning - optional

ISE 5024 ISE Seminar - Optional

Note: You may select between MGT 5404 and ISE 5024 ISE Seminar. You are able to take both classes. Students who do not take MGT 5404 may not receive career assistance from the MBA office.

Spring – Year 1 – 15 total credits

FIN 5084 Analytical Framework (Finance)

MGT 5314 Dynamics of Organizational Behavior

MKTG 5104 Marketing Policy & Strategy

ISE 5454 Production Planning and Control

BIT 5474 Computer-based Decision Support Systems

Fall – Year 2 – 15 total credits

ISE 5034 Mathematical Probability & Statistics

ISE 5204 Manufacturing Systems Engineering

ISE 5605 Human Factors System Design

ISE 5424 Simulation

MBA or ISE elective - 3 credits

Spring – Year 2 – 15 total credits

MGT 5794 Strategic Management

MGT 5454 International Business

ISE 5044 Production Systems Analysis

ISE 5414 Random Processes

MBA or ISE elective - 3 credits


All course number, titles, descriptions, and requirements are subject to change without notice.