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Civil Engineering

This program gives construction professionals the tools needed to integrate and manage the technical, material, financial, and human resources that support construction operations. Managing construction project teams and designing effective construction operations requires both business and specialized knowledge. The Civil & Environmental Engineering department is ranked in the top 10 nationwide.

Virginia Tech's Civil Engineering is ranked top 10 in the nation

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Civil Engineering Programs: Currently the Simultaneous Degree Program is a partnership between the MBA and Civil Engineering with an emphasis on Construction Engineering and Management. If you are interested in one of the other Civil Engineering program areas (environmental and water resources engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering and Materials, or Transportation Infrastructure and Systems Engineering, please contact the MBA office to learn the steps necessary):

Applicants should come from an engineering background for the MS-CE degree. If the applicant's undergraduate degree is not in civil engineering, then additional classes may be required.  Please contact the CE office to learn more.The MBA/MS CE Simultaneous Degree Program requires a total of 60 credits over two years. This is a non-thesis-based program.

Partner Program: College of Engineering, Charles E. Via, Jr. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil Engineering Credits: 21

Potential Careers: construction opportunities from transportation and infrastructure development to healthcare and manufacturing.

Sample Curriculum

Fall – Year 1 – 13 total credits

ACIS 5104 Fundamentals of Accounting

FIN 5024 Principles of Finance

BIT 5724 Managerial Statistics

MGT 5834 Essentials of Management of Technology

MGT 5404 Career Planning - optional

MGT 5404 is optional, but required for any student that desires career assistance from the MBA offices.

Spring – Year 1 – 13 total credits

FIN 5084 Analytical Framework (Finance)

MGT 5314 Dynamics of Organizational Behavior

MKTG 5104 Marketing Policy & Strategy

BIT 5474 Computer-Based Decision Support Systems

Fall – Year 2 – 15-18 total credits

BIT 5414 Production Operations Management

Civil Engineering Classes

Spring – Year 2 – 15-18 total credits

MGT 5794 Strategic Management

MGT 5454 International Business

Civil Engineering classes

Sufficient number of elective courses chosen from either the MBA curriculum or from Construction Engineering and Management as preferred by the student in order that the combined plan of study reach a minimum of at least 60 credit hours in total.

Civil Engineering Classes

21 Hours of Civil Engineering classes. Selection of classes may include:

CNST 5214 Construction Company Management

CNST 5114 Leadership for AEC

CNST 5084 Construction Research Topics

Construction Professional Competencies - 1 credit

Construction Research Presentation - 1 credit

CEE 4014 Estimating, Production and Cost Engineering

CEE 4024 Construction Control Techniques

CEE 4154/5130G Indoor Environmental Quality & Sustainability

CEE 4064/5064G Design for Hazard Control in Construction

CEE 4074 Construction Engineering Means & Methods - 3 credits

CEE 5010 Schedule Impact Analysis

CEE 5014 Facility Delivery & Financing Strategies

CEE 5024 Contract Administration and Claims Resolutions

CEE 5044/CNST 5424 Construction Research Presentation

CEE 5054 Construction Performance Improvement

CEE 5984 - Systems Engineering of Construction Processes - 3 credits

CEE 5070 Equipment Economics & Applications

CEE 5080 Infrastructure Asset Management

CEE 5084 IT in the Construction Industry


All course number, titles, descriptions, and requirements are subject to change without notice.